Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy Busy....

Today met with Susie & Jeff to finalise the last details before their wedding in September. Finalising things like the timeline for the day and Family Photos. This is usually done a few weeks before the event because things change throughout the year. Looking forward to a festive event in Beach Haven.
Colleen stopped in to pick up her Thank you Cards. She chose a linen finish with one of her favourite images full bleed on the front. Otis & Joey love it when Colleen & her mom Beth stop by.

Words of Thanks

I have to thank Colleen for forwarding me the best letter of thanks from her Godmother regarding the photos from her celebration-

The pictures are amazing. Christine is an artist. Colleen is beautiful. I have been looking through the pictures for hours. There are so many GREAT ones of Colleen and Dave together and some of the ones of her alone should be in a gallery. I love the one of her putting on the lip gloss with you watching. The ones in the bedroom are priceless. Her and Joe dancing, you watching, her and Dave with all the kids, Dave and her on the tree. Beth, there is not one shot that isn't great. Christine absolutely captured the feeling of the day. It was like being there again. I think the shots with the Colleen and bridesmaids are so cute and natural. There are so many really perfect shots, I could go on til morning talking about it. All the candids are top quality and express the joy of the day.

With everything else that went so perfect every step of way through this fairytale dream wedding, these pictures are the icing on the cake. May 30,2009 was the PERFECT DAY in every way for Colleen and Dave and all of us that love them. We have the pictures to prove it!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

TJ & Christie

Congratulations to TJ & Christie who are now in Africa on their Honeymoon. It took me approximately 2 days to recover from their celebration! What a party! Blue Skies in Bonnet Island

Coming in September

Jim & Becky are getting married in September! Can't wait :)

Rule of Thumb

No matter how much you love your friends_ if you have a bridal party of 16 or more- please don't try to travel in an elevator all together_
Though it was fun- for a few minutes ;) It became a bit hot and stuffy when our elevator became stuck in between floors- Note bridal flowers as bride was smashed against the wall in the background. We were having such a great time together that noone noticed as the location staff pushed us all together in one elevator :)

Joelle's Album is In

I love Joelle's Album! A combination of the classic and contemporary- Joelle & Matt's book had an Indigo Blue Japanese Bookcloth cover giving the book a raw silk texture. The cover was offset with a black and white image printed on metallic paper. Each 12x12 page had images lined in white with a black matte around. Pages had the squared off edges bringing in a contemporary feel to an other wise classic styled album. A huge Congratulations go out to Matt & Joelle who are expecting their first Child! HOORAY!

Jill & Ryan

Congratulations to Jill & Ryan on a perfect beautiful day :)
Preshots Of Jill -Starting with something Blue:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Australia :)

Yes, Australia :)
When not photographing events, I seem to be just photographing... Along with some fellow cohorts, I put together something we call Triptych. Triptych will be appearing as a slide show presentation at the Ballarat Photo Biennale - The presentation opens September 19, with a question & answer session. I will be hanging with Susie & Jeff in Beach Haven having a blast, but fellow photographer and triptych partner, Mark Avellino will be there to hold down the fort for our behalf. Be sure to check out the link for Triptych to see what kind of fun we get up to.

This is a posting from July with images by myself (xtine), Tony, and Fi.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peace Babe....

My image of Althea Fairy Girl has been selected as a finalist in June 2009's Women in Photography International! What a great honor :)
Carol McCusker, PhD - Curator of Photography/(MoPA), Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, CA selected 25 images of Children from 370 submissions - The Summer Competition focused on Trees, Flowers, & Children- A Focus on Peace.
View www.cfosterphoto.com for more portraits....