Monday, April 28, 2014

Albums Are Custom

Custom Designed Album with photo cover

All Albums are Custom Designed.  
Not sure where to begin? Start just by picking your favorite images...  The idea is to tell the story of your event.  
Detail photos make great backgrounds for pages - and who needs imprinting when an image says it all? After you choose your favorite images, take a closer look and make sure that all family have been included.  Close Friends are next on the list... 
There are a lot of images in your photo package that give you a broad view of your celebration ~ Mix some of those shots with some fun close ups!  
Phone me when you are ready for me to lay out the pages

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers

The Studio has been busy  as always ~ 
Christine Foster Photo had a Great time at the Party Showcase at Congregation Beth El - A thank you shout goes out to the ladies who helped organise this event
I have been busy with Album Designs, but I have also got My first photo pillows in
Photo Pillows - Paris Opera, Mexico City Market, Mt Shasta

Photo pillows were designed in conjunction with the 4 Towns for Arts Event - They are 12x12 in size, printed on soft microfiber and are machine Washable- They come in a few different colors on the reverse, but the front side of the pillow is all image
View Christine Foster Photo World to see more images that can be used to design these custom pillows
Images are also printed on Metal plates....
Contact me directly to find out more information