Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baseball Portrait , Christine Foster Photo, Portrait on Location

I was asked to document a special occasion.
An Awesome Day - Thanks so much for Including me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Family, Portrait on Location, Christine Foster Photo, South Jersey Portrait Photographer

It was great to work with this Family Again. 

Our Last photo Shoot was in My studio. 
It had been a few years and now there is a new baby sister .  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Google + , Christine Foster Photo

My apologies to anyone who has googled me and came up with the wrong information :(

Google+ has taken the liberty of creating a Christine Foster Photo account for me which it will not allow me to access.
It is posting the wrong address and phone number for my Business listed first under the A/B/C.
I had a client lost and running late for a headshot and needless to say, she was unable to reach me. Thru different channels we were able to connect - I could not understand where she had sourced my information?  I guess I hadn't googled myself lately?
I have tried multiple ways of contacting Google + and have been defeated - they have a phone system that leads you no where and a very indirect way of having you send them a comment.
So my apologies ~ I will keep trying to get this remedied.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

On Location PreShots, Christine Foster Photo

Today I was invited to a family's home in Cinnaminson to take a family photo - 
A family that I had photographed in my studio a few years back...
I love arriving early to a photo shoot on Location -
Arriving early allows me to slowly work my way into a photo project by taking fun "Preshots" before hand to set the tone ~

feeling festive

Great Location Great Photo Shoot Gorgeous Day Today!
Dogs, Cats, Chickens, and people arrived later too 

Sweet as pie

Blue like the blue skies we had today

Ok so the chickens had had enough of me already.....

Nice soft palettes that made for a great photo later

A Break Away, Warren Vermont, Christine Foster Photo

Hoping Everyone had a Great 4th of July Break
For me this meant some time in my Vermont Haus
one wet dog and some daisies for picking

the summer heat meant lots of jumps in the river

Swimming and playing

Happy Always to Everyone