Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tracy & Lena - A Walk in the Park .... Christine Foster Photo, South Jersey Wedding Photography

Strawberry Fields.... Forever
 Congratulations to Tracy and Lena, but this is not how the day started...

They arrived on a beautiful bluebird Summer Solstice day and touched the lives of many people along the way ~ A gorgeous day for a wedding

Making their Way to Bow Bridge in the heart of Central Park

 and Yes.... they stopped all foot traffic on Bow Bridge
 A Walking Celebration

The First Dance.... "What a Wonderful World" ♫

The Bouquet Toss
Making Friends All along the way which is really just a reflection of who they are - 
I was and am thrilled to have been part of their day!
They are pure Joy

Every Album is Unique- South Jersey Event Photographer

Liza's Custom Album

As each Event is Unique in it's style, Each Design for your  Event Album becomes unique
Every book is Custom in Design and approved by you before going to print - 

Liza had her father's speech to her printed on the back of her Album Cover - 
Each and every page ~ Beautiful

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wedding Preshots - Central Park

Central Central Park, NYC

Saturday was a Beautiful Perfect day in More ways than One -
When working on location, I like to arrive early and get acclimated to the location & light of the day....

Friday, June 20, 2014

So They Hadn't Seen Each other, Not Yet

This Was so Much Fun to Plan! 
The Unveiling was Just as Great~ So close, but yet so far away.....

Beautiful Haddonfield

It was great to have the opportunity to work locally in my home town, but I was especially thrilled when my client requested that I show the town off a bit.  The family being from Haddonfield wanted to incorporate the town into their celebration photos. 
We could not have had a better more beautiful day!
Beautiful Kings Highway, Haddonfield

New Wedding Album In

White Leather 8x10 Library Style Album  
A combination of Classic and Contemporary