Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spencer at Har Zion Temple, Christine Foster Photo

Congratulations to Spencer and his Family
ALOT more to follow 
I was taken by this shot as I was quickly going thru Spencer's images at Har Zion - 
Deep blue eyes and those Dimples!
As you may have noticed, Previews done here at Christine Foster Photo are more like story boards rather than random shots posted - I find it so hard to post a few random shots when there is so much more to the photo shoots that I am involved in. 
I am sorry to post just one shot for now, More very soon.

Family Portrait on Location, Christine Foster Photo

So they asked me to photograph them -  them just being them - 
I LOVE when people tell me that!!!!
she ran staight up into my camera to show me that she was ready

Every girl should have the right lipstick for her photo shoot
This photo shoot was organised because the family had a special guest in town and they wanted her to have a lasting memory of her days spent with the children when she goes home

Just a typical Saturday at home

Ice Cream Break

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brooke at Har Zion,Christine Foster Photo

Congratulations to Brooke and her Family

Looking for the piece that she added to this beautiful mosaic in the Garden - It was great to have the weather to take some photos outdoors

Ben at Xfinity Live Preview

Posting preview photos becomes a difficult task when you are trying to tell a story.
Preview photos do very little justice when you are working with a high energy,
 very warm family.
Hugs, Tears of Joy, Smores 
Lets keep this post simple, Congratulations Ben

Nicole & Rosario Beach Wedding , Christine Foster Photo

Congratulations Nicole & Rosario
A Glorious Day on the Beach

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Quiet Moment

There were alot of Special Moments and attention to Great Detail during this wedding, but one of my favorite moments was when the bride slipped out from her Reception to spend a Quiet moment on the Beach with her Father who had recently passed. 
There are a few photos in this series but I just really love the quietness in this image - the wind, the light, the sea....

Congratulations to Ben & his Family

Congratulations to Ben
Ben's Family was really so much fun to work with ~
This first post is just to recognise Ben and his family on a Great Day

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nicole & Rosario

A Gorgeous Day was had at the Beach
Congratulations Nicole & Rosario

Jump For Joy - Congratulations Sydney

Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Very Pretty

"Hi Christine – Abby’s book arrived and it is beautiful! 
 Thanks for capturing the very special day! "

Abby's Mitzvah Album just recently came in ~ 
It came in so quickly that it never really made it out of the box!
Taupe Japanese Book Cloth with Modern Silver Imprinting